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Block internet berdasarkan hostname menggunakan mikrotik

script ini untuk BLOCK berdasarkan hostname

:local DHCPSERVER "dhcp1";
# #
:foreach i in=[/ip dhcp-server lease find dynamic=yes active-server=$DHCPSERVER] do={
:local DhcpDynMAC [/ip dhcp-server lease get $i mac-address];
:local DhcpDynCLIENTID [/ip dhcp-server lease get $i active-client-id];
:local DhcpDynHOST [/ip dhcp-server lease get $i host-name];
:local phoneNAME [:pick $DhcpDynHOST 0 4];
:if ( ($phoneNAME="BLUS") || ($phoneNAME="iPad") || ($phoneNAME="andr") || ($phoneNAME="Andr") || ($phoneNAME="Wind") || ($phoneNAME="iPho") || ($phoneNAME="BLAC") ) do={
/ip dhcp-server lease add block-access=yes mac-address="$DhcpDynMAC" use-src-mac=yes comment="$DhcpDynHOST" server="$DHCPSERVER" client-id="$DhcpDynCLIENTID";
/ip dhcp-server lease remove [find host-name~"BLUS*"]
/ip dhcp-server lease remove [find host-name~"android*"]
/ip dhcp-server lease remove [find host-name~"Android*"]
/ip dhcp-server lease remove [find host-name~"Windows*"]
/ip dhcp-server lease remove [find host-name~"iPad*"]
/ip dhcp-server lease remove [find host-name~"iPhone*"]
/ip dhcp-server lease remove [find host-name~"BLACKBERRY*"]
############## FIN DEL SCRIPT

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